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Nibble, nibble, little mouse, who is nibbling at my house? There is no xmas without a cookie house :-).
I always loved making these little cookie houses and I had made them even before I had started baking by myself “real” cakes 25 years ago. (OMG, is it that long ago?)

These houses make great give-aways and they are fantastic to make with kids if you don´t feel like baking a big gingerbread house.

Butterkeks (1)

For each house:
3 cookies
1 chocolate or marshmallow
2 gummy bears
icing sugar
lemon juice or water

Mix icing sugar with lemon juice or water together in a small bowl to create a sticky icing sugar paste. Be careful and don´t use too much juice/water right away. You can always add a little more but the paste will work best when it´s not too liquid. You can let it rest a few minutes so it will start to thicken.

Butterkeks (2)

Place bottom cookies on wax paper and put a dab of icing sugar paste on it and stick the chocolate (or marshmallow) on it. For the roof, dip the other two cookies into the icing sugar and stick them as a roof on top. Dip the gummy bears into the paste as well and set them under the roof.

Once they are dry, you can dust the houses with icing sugar.

Butterkeks (9)

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