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“I don’t eat boring cookies like these”.. That’s what someone said after I made these cookies☺️.

First I hesitated to share this recipe with you but you know what? I don’t think they are not boring at all. They are just the way sugarcookies have to be, they are super easy to make and I also have some ideas how to pimp them in order to make them a bit more special.

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125 g (4,5 oz) butter
125 g (4,5 oz) sugar
1 Tsp vanilla sugar or liquid vanilla
1 egg
250 g (9oz) flour
1 pinch of salt

Mix butter, sugar and the vanilla. Whisk the egg into this mixture and add the flour and the pinch of salt.
Let the dough rest in the fridge for at least one hour.

Flour your table, roll out the dough and stamp the stamp into it. The dough is getting sticky very quickly, so you might want to use half of the dough first and leave the rest of the dough in the fridge until you need it. And be careful, it is important to stamp the stamp into flour first, so it won´t stick to the dough.

Put the cookies into the preheated (350-400°F) oven and bake them for 10-12 min.

If they are still too boring for you :-), you can heat up apricotjam, put a teaspoon of jam on one cookie, place another on top of it, so you will have filled apricotcookies. Or use chocolate or nougat or a melted marshmellow or whatever you feel like :-).

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