Marzipan Plum Chocolates

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Fräulein Streusels wunderbares Marzipankonfekt

I´m totally in love with marzipan and therefore it was about time to prepare a new marzipan recipe.

Just a few days ago, I got an awesome trial package of “Marziman” – a young company from Berlin which produces all natural marzipan without any chemical additives.

Marziman bei Fräulein Streusel
Today I tried it for the first time and I must admit, their basic marzipan is so delicious that it would be such a pity to mix it with other ingredients. But I also was curious how my marzipan chocolates recipe would turn out with this new kind of marzipan..

For about 18 pieces:
100 g (3,5 oz. marzipan)
18 dried plums or apricots
50 g (1,5 oz. icing sugar)
2 tablespoons Amaretto

150 g (5 oz.) chocolate

Marzipankonfekt von Fräulein Streusel aus Berlin
Mix the marzipan, icing sugar and Amaretto together. Now cut the plums sideways and fill them with the marzipan mixture.

Foto 19.12.15, 19 21 35Melt the chocolate and coat the marzipan plums. Let them dry and slightly dust them with icing sugar or decorate them with nuts.

Foto 19.12.15, 19 32 37

Foto 19.12.15, 22 31 12

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